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Reach your goals with Murdoch RISE

If you achieve an ATAR but don’t get the score you need, keep an open mind. People join Murdoch from all walks of life so our educational access scheme, Murdoch RISE, could do the same for you.

Murdoch RISE provides a selection rank adjustment to support access to uni for students from a range of backgrounds, including regional and low socio-economic.

What is a selection rank adjustment?

We calculate your adjustment factors and automatically add them to your raw ATAR score. This creates your selection rank which is used to determine entry into our courses. Most of our undergraduate courses require a selection rank of 70, but some courses are higher.

Murdoch RISE can help you get into your preferred course by boosting your selection rank by 10 points, up to a maximum of 90.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for consideration, you must:

  • have completed secondary education in Western Australia and achieved an ATAR between 55.00 and 89.95 inclusive.
  • meet our English language requirements.

You also need to meet at least one adjustment factor:

  • achieve your ATAR at a school in the RISE schools list
  • have a permanent home address when completing Year 12 at a postcode in the RISE postcodes list
  • indicate Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent by declaring status through your TISC application or on the Indigenous indicator when applying directly to Murdoch
  • indicate when applying via TISC or directly to Murdoch that you are the first in your family to attend university. This means that neither of your parents or guardians have completed a university-level degree.

Find out if you attended a RISE school or lived in a RISE postcode area:

How to apply

You don’t need apply for RISE. If you are eligible, the adjustment factor is automatically added to your raw ATAR score when you apply for your undergraduate degree.

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